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Science is Vital – AGM and the next steps

Most of you will remember the Science is Vital campaign and the extraordinary result it achieved in only a few weeks. As most of you also know, work didn’t stop there, and the campaign focusing on Science careers also gathered … Continue reading

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Looking beyond the obvious career path: Part II – talking about the road less travelled

As I mentioned in a previous post, current career perspectives for postdoctoral researchers  are, to put it mildly, difficult. An academic career will be possible for only about 3.5% of current postdocs, so being able to understand the alternatives is … Continue reading

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Open access and copyright

So, as most of you will know, the Elsevier boycott seems to have had a very positive outcome: no more Research Works Act (RWA) . This is now old news, of course, but many others have discussed and talked about this in … Continue reading

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On publishing research

Much has been said recently about the Research Works Act so I won’t go into too much detail again. For me, the trigger was Stephen’s post on his refusal to review a paper published by Elsevier. After that, I started … Continue reading

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And… we’re back!

First of all, an apology for the long silence in this blog. However, those paying attention to the site would have noticed other activities on the site over the course of 2011… There was, of course, the main event, which … Continue reading

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Science is Vital – a personal look

A few weeks ago, several tweets alerted me to a speech Vince Cable was about to give at Queen’s College. The announced cuts that scientists in UK were to expect prompted several to comment. Importantly, it prompted Jenny Rohn to spring to … Continue reading

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#Solo10 – beyond science blogging?…

This Friday and Saturday saw a strangely mixed crowd descend on the British Library (BL). What could  bring scientists, journalists, politicians, teachers and marketing executives together under the same roof for two days? Well, basically, science. On-line. I have to … Continue reading

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Talkfest – my personal feedback

Last Thursday I went along to an event organized by Alice Bell and Beck Smith on Science and blogging. As I recently reshaped this site and restarted blogging, this time with a different set of aims and ideas, this seemed … Continue reading

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A different kind of talk

Last Friday I accepted Alom Shaha challenge and I went to his school to give a talk. I have to admit I was dreading it a bit – after all, 17/18 year old students can be a tough audience…  And judging … Continue reading

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I’m a Scientist, Get Me In There!

As 3.30pm on Friday 25th of June approached and I found myself in a workshop, away from my computer, I was anxiously waiting an opportunity to check the Aluminium Zone website to find out the results of the last round … Continue reading

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